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How do I get my ad on the platform?

To begin, please click on the floating Join button and enter your name and email address. You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Then you can create a password and access your dashboard. Here you will find the simple upload buttons for multimedia stalls as well as the text fields for classifieds. You can always save your work and finish it later, or edit it even after the ad has gone live. To activate, either make an online credit card payment or click on pay later to wire the funds. First-time users receive a free trial period with no credit card information required.

What is a Multimedia Stall?

The stall is a ready-made software package that allows you to add your video link, upload a brochure and images, links to your website and email, and other company information for visitors to see. This can be changed as many times as you want during the life of your subscription. Advertisements are organized by category, service, region, product, and other filters and keywords selected by the advertiser.

What are Classified Ads?

These are text ads with xxxx characters that include the advertiser's contact information but no images.

How much does it cost?

The pricing plan is on the home page. (1 USD = AED 3.65 approximately)

What is the duration of the ads?

Subscriptions can be for 3, 6, or 12 months.

How many times can I edit the ads?

There is no limit within the validity of the subscription.

How can I pay for the ads?

Registered users can go to their dashboard, select the package, and then proceed to the payment gateway to pay immediately by credit or debit card or wire the funds to our bank account listed on the invoice. After completing the ad and selecting the pay later option, this invoice will be generated.

What is the pay later option on the website?

If you do not wish to pay online you can click on pay later. We will send you an invoice with bank details for you to remit the funds.

When do the ads get activated?

Ads get activated within 2 working days of receipt of the payment. For first time users, the prepayment is waived and ads will be activated without payment for a trial period.

Can I connect with the clients directly?

Ads are click through and the advertisers have links on their ad to enable you to directly contact them.

Do I need to register to access the website?

Visitors are able to browse without registration but we recommend registering to access your bookmarks and other features and personalized services.

Can I bookmark/download the ad?

This is only available to registered users. Is there a customer service phone number or email address? Please send general inquiries to and technical inquiries to

How long is the trial period?

30 days free, for first time users.

Can I have multiple trials for ads?

Each company receives one 30-day free trial ad. To prevent misuse, we may request proof of company identity. Personal identification cards are only accepted for classified ads.

How many ads can I place during the trial period?

One ad per company

When do I have to pay for the ads?

New users have to pay before the expiry of the free trial period to prevent deactivation of the ad. Existing users have to pay before activation.

How many ads can I upload?

There is no quota per company for the ad.

How do I get the referral discount?

Once we have activated the advertisement on receipt of payment, the cashback is remitted within 30 days.

What are the payment options?

You can pay online in AED currency using the card payment gateway, with one AED equaling USD 3.65. Depending on your credit card company, the rate may vary slightly. Your card company will charge you in your home currency.

How can I share the ads with my clients?

Once it is live, your ad has a URL that you can copy and paste into your email, website or social media. You can also directly share the link via whatsapp or other messenger apps.

What if I don’t have marketing material?

We have a panel of low-cost digital marketing companies that you can use to create brochures, videos, and other marketing materials. For a complete list, please contact Please keep in mind that this is provided as a courtesy and is not a fee-based service. The final contract is between you and the company you hire. We also recommend using facilitators such as or to find the skills you require.

How will you market my ads?

We will send out a newsletter to promote the platform and its users. In addition, the entire platform will be promoted directly to tens of thousands of food and beverage companies around the world via email and social media. As a result, you can expect some traffic to your website as a result of our efforts.

What are the benefits of placing ads on AWE?

The usual benefits of advertising include increased brand awareness and profile, and the AWE platform's year-round availability will result in repeated exposure to your ad and increased retention. Because this is a B2B platform, you will receive business inquiries from potential suppliers and clients, which will strengthen your entire supply and distribution chain due to multiple alternatives. A few serious business inquiries are far more valuable than the broad exposure to the general public that social media typically provides. There are numerous ways to use your digital stall, and once you get started, you will realize its versatility and utility.

Can I integrate the ad link on my website?

Yes by copying the URL.

Are there any reports?

The number of visitors to the platform and the number of clicks on your ad will be displayed on your dashboard. Are there any marketing material specifications? The content should not break any laws and should be limited to items related to the food and beverage industry. More information can be found in the terms and conditions.

Can I upload the video directly?

You should upload the video to any service provider like Vimeo or YouTube and copy paste the link in your ad.

How can I find the specific products?

There is an option in the product drop down menu. If you can't find it here, try searching for it by #keyword or category. A specific type of cheese, for example, may fall into the "Dairy" category. Advertisers can include keywords related to their product in their advertisements.

How can I find the specific Company?

Please use #keyword search, if the advertiser has put that name in the ad, it will show up.

Can I see / search products based on the company?

Once you find the company, their ad and brochure should contain a list of their products.

Are there any Company ratings?

We have not enabled ratings as of now.

I have a problem logging in?

Sorry for the trouble. Please write to from your registered email ID.

I can't see the confirmation email in my inbox to set up a password?

Sorry for the trouble. Please write to from your registered email ID.

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