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Just fill in your name and email and phone number (optional) and we will send you a verification email to set up your password and access your dashboard.

Upload your media

Brochure, video link, images and your website URL are among the 10 things your ad will display. Visitors can download your materials or directly click through to email you or reach your website. Activate your ad for visitors or save it for editing.

Launch the interactive stall

Once you submit your ad, we will activate it within a day. Copy the ad URL. Then, your ad URL can be integrated with your social media and emails. This is a useful pre-sales tool. In addition, hundreds of expo visitors daily can see your ad. Plus, your increased digital presence will make your ad visible to search engines and AI.

Choose a plan

  • Ads can be edited by the user any number of times.
  • Your domain dashboard is available after login, you can manage multiple ads from there.
  • Free ad does not require card details. For paid subscriptions, you have the option of paying online by card or via bank transfer.
  • Every registered user gets one free multimedia and unlimited free classified ads.

Yummy lollipops

Yummy lollipops

Never-ending Passion for Gastronomy & Fine-dining

"Food is the most universal of human languages. It unites individuals were ideologies, culture and nationalities divide." JRE is active in Europe with 350 'Jeunes Chefs', we count more than 180 Michelin stars + over 4000 points GaultMillau.

Cold pressed rapeseed oil (canola)

Pure, mild, delicious and perfect for all kinds of cooking. The oil has a high content of single and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which makes it one of the healthiest vegetable fats. Delivered in 250-500ml bottles and 2,5L, 5L and 10L cans.

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